The way to start coding- beginner's guide.

The way to start coding- beginner's guide.

C is one of the most essential skills in today's world so learning programming is important for you. So stop thinking more and be ready to add one more to your skills. A beginner is always confused that how should he start learning . Here i have mentioned some key points for you.

  • Why do  you want to learn coding ? 

This a major question for every beginner who wants to learn coding . Take some hours or days to think that why do you want to learn coding. Are you learning coding as a career options or you're going to make changes in the world of web development or Mobile development. A lot of questions are here ? Be honest with you .Whatever awesome  you're going to do ,search about that and start working on it now.

   You can ask to yourself that in which programming language you have to be a master. If you are going to work in Artificial Intelligence field then Python will be most important for you , and if you are going in the field of Android Development then you have to be master in java programming and  if you are interested in Web Development then programming languages like HTML , PHP and Java Script are the important languages.

  • Select your first programming language.

Once you have selected that why do you want to learn programming then it is much easy to select your language . Many professional says that HTML and CSS are the first point to learn code but these languages are mandatory for Web Development .
                            If you know nothing about the coding languages and still are in trouble to select  ,then i would recommend you C languages to start . C language is the  most basic coding languages among all . C programming looks difficult but actually it's not. 

  • Purchase a course for your programming language

 Having a course of any specific language will make your way easy to learn programming ,so whichever programming language you have decided to learn ,you should purchase a course for that . There are so many websites and companies who provide courses for various programming languages .
                              There are so many profits of having  a full course , with the help of that you can go to the pro level from the noob one.  If you want to learn solo then i would recommend you to go on Programiz. It is one of the best platform which can really help you sort out your problems with coding. 

  • Coding with YouTube

YouTube is full of coding tutorials , so if you want to start coding then YouTube tutorials can help  you a lot. The YouTube videos can teach you all the concepts of your desired programming languages but on YouTube you have to look for the tutorials because there are very few channels who upload the full course of any particular subject ,so to get your all topics of your languages you have to surf more on it. 
                                              There is a YouTube channel named KODEGOD which has a full  tutorial for  c programming . Same like it there are so  many others channels who has tutorials of different programing languages .

  • Coding Bootcamps

There can't be a good teacher than the actual one , attending some coding Bootcamps will make a high level programmer .  Coding Bootcamps are organized for those people who want a job like a full stack developers and software engineer etc. as soon as possible. These bootcamps can help you to increase your skills. 

  • Get the required software for your code language

It is essential to have the suitable software for a programming language on which you can create your projects . The market is full of these softwares so it is difficult to get the best one. Well you don't have to worry about it. I would prefer The CODE BLOCKS software for C and C++ language and for JAVA and PYTHON you should choose VISUAL STUDIO CODE . You can have your own favorite but for beginners these tools are way better than others because they has a ability to create and run your programs easily so you should have these software.



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