How to write good content  for your blog  in 2020.

How to write good content for your blog in 2020.

Do you want to write a good and profitable blog post , but don't know how? Today we'll give you some brilliant ideas for a unique and good looking blog post. 

How to write good blog post in a easy way:

   1. Select Topic and do research
   2. Perfect Headlines and Writing Style
   3. Choose images to grow the  blog
   4. Stay on topic 
   5. Edit you blog post
   6. Conclusion

Step 1: Select Topic and do research

Do you have lot of topics in your mind? But you don't know which one is good. Don't worry, note all the topic on a copy and determine on which topic you can write a good content for your blog. Selecting topic for post is not much difficult , you can ask search question on Quora or Google , then you'll get so many answers. Take a look on those answers and select a profitable topic for blog. 
                                Doing research on anything is always a good idea . Having more knowledge can help you to grow your business . So make sure before writing anything for blog , conduct all the knowledge and facts . Let's move to the second step-

2.  Perfect Headlines and Writing Style:

   A headline defines almost things you've written under that . Okay  tell me , did you ever read  something which didn't have a good headline . I'm sure you didn't do that. So choose a perfect headline to attract audience and for growth of blog.

 Writing Style:

   Meaning from writing style is how do you customize your written content. Because writing something in a single line is not a good idea anymore , you should customize that and use paragraph to write content . This will force your audience to read your content without skipping.

Profitable blog niches in 2020 for blogging.

3. Choose images to  grow the  blog:

 Images always play a big role to enhance your blog post.  You have to use images related to content or anything you have written.  

In this photo i have shown that a person writing a blog post and using certain tools to customization . Just like this post is related to writing , you also have to select related images to your topic.

4. Stay on your topic: 

The essential but important thing for a blog post and for a blogger. Do not  distract from your topic because this make your audience feel boring . So try to stay on whatever you are writing in your blog. 

                      Let's take an example , suppose somebody is talking about Robert Downey Jr.   And his movies and suddenly he starts talking about sport. Well, that looks weird , you don't have to do this. If you're talking about smartphone RAM then do not talk about anything else. This is quite easy but important step. Let's move on to the next.

5. Editing of Blog Post:

Our next step is editing . Editing is such a most important part of our blog post. Lot of us write our content in a single way and after looking at that for a while , we think okay it's enough . Let's publish it. No! 

            You should not  publish your blog post without editing. There are lot of popular blogs are there on internet , go and check how they edit their blog post . 

  How to edit blog post: 

 1.Using Headline 
 2. Bold letters 
 3. Highlighting of a major sentence 
 4. Underlining
 5. Adding Links .

 6. Conclusion : 

 Before starting something we must have a idea that how to end it. Conclusion is all about this , where you can write a brief views of your blog . 
      In this post i showed you how to write a blog post by using some quick and easy tips . If you have created a blog already and want to write a good blog post then you must follow these steps. 




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