Start Blogging and earn money in 2020.

Start Blogging and earn money in 2020.

In today's time  everyone want to earn money . Some people do it for passion and some for profession.  In 2020 due to COVID 19 lot of peoples are still in their homes , specially students . So instead of wasting time you should do some work . Today we'll tell you about blogging , a great idea for earning money.

What is blogging 

 Before starting any work we should know about that . Everyday we search something on Google related to our queries and google provides us results . Results come in form of websites and blogs  , we simply open those blogs and sort out our query.

                          Did you ever think where that knowledge come from . Who provides these solutions, advice?  Is there any profit to share information on internet? Answer is simple they do it for money and this is the profit of it .
 Sharing information from your own experience in any field is called blogging. 

Let's sort out this complication and take an example. Just suppose you are an software engineer and you know deeply about software development and within your this talent you can help others.  Same thing a blogger does, he shares information about a topic he knows deeply ,with his blogs. 

How to start blogging 

Before  doing any work we should learn how to start that work .  2 important tips are here for you : 

 Create a Blog

First of all we should have a source to express our information .  Blogger is the most famous platform for beginners . Creating an account on blogger is as simple as creating an account on Facebook .   

Blogger provide you a free domain name  or we can say a  free web address . But if you  want a dream domain name you can purchase it from domain sites like GoDaddy .

Decide your topic 

Okay ! You have created your blog  , now  you have to select the topic . There are lot of topics on internet for blogging but i will prefer you that topic in which you are interested.    
    Various fields like Technology , Health , Travel ,Food , Self Improvement and many other . These are some popular topic for blogging but if you have your own topic that will be a good idea .



 If you give your best at blogging with hard work , your earnings can go up to lakhs and crores . Some people consider it as a joke but no , a blogger can really earn money in lakhs and crores.
         Earnings from blog depends on the level of hard work , that how much can you give to your blog. 

Ways to earn from blogging

  There are lot of ways to earn from your blog. Here we mentioned some profitable and quick ways to earn money from blogs: 

 Affiliate Marketing

 This the second most popular  way to earn from blogging .  But you need a good traffic on your blog to use this way . Once you got traffic on your blog ,you can earn high money from this idea  . 
 For affiliate marketing you have to add affiliate link  of a product in your blog from any company and they will pay commission to you for it.  There are lot of affiliate program you can get from internet like Amazon , Flipkart etc. 

Social Media 

 Social media always play a role  to make popular something . Same thing you have to do with your blog , add your blog post on social media platforms like Facebook , Instagram , WhatsApp , Twitter , Pinterest , YouTube etc.

 The more people will click on blog from social media ,you will get more traffic to your blog . It will enhance the chance for earning money from blogging. 
If you like this information share it and  tell us your opinion in comments . Thank you.

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