How to start a blog  giude for beginners.

How to start a blog giude for beginners.

  Learn to start blogging from today and express your information on the internet and get money as profit. We mentioned some guides for beginners in 2020.  Keep up with us, step-by-step process is here.

1.Decide Your Niche(Topic)

  • First and most essential thing for start blogging.  Lot of you are still in confusion that on which topic should start the blog . You search on internet , ask colleagues for a profitable niche . Let me confirm to you that there are thousand of topics on internet and you have to select one of them . Every Field is full of competitors and lot of traffic on it . I'll suggest you to go through with that topic which has less competition and traffic because it helps you to rank your site . But if you have something own in your mind , you can go for it  because someday passion will be profession .
  •  Selecting a niche is not much difficult , you just have to consider yourself that on which topic you can write hundred of posts and that will be a great thing .  Technology , Health , Fashion, Music , News Blog , Personal Blog, Life Experiences  are some famous topic on internet which you can try in your blog .

2.  Platform for Blogging 

  •  Have you selected your niche? Okay , now you have to get a platform to express your information .  Blogger and WordPress are the most famous blogging platform . WordPress is quite difficult for newcomers but blogger  is really interesting and easy for beginners . Creating an account on blogger is as simple as creating an account on Facebook . So you must go with blogger in beginning to learn basics of blogging.

 3. Select a domain name 

 For starting a  blog we should have a domain name . Here we mentioned some ideas , you must read before purchasing a domain name .

  • Related to blog niche :  while purchasing a domain name you have to keep this idea in your mind . A domain name gives a little bit information about your blog . For example if your blog is about sports ,then  you can add something realted to sports in your domain name because any customer who will look at your domain name immediately got that this blog is about sports . 
  • Adding your name :  Mostly used and much easier for search , this type for domain can help you to describe your niche and your name in one line . Let me give an example to you just suppose you created a tech blog and want a domain name , this idea can work for you . You should add words like Tech , Techno , Technical , with your name . Like if your name is rahul you can look for a domain name like TechnoRahul . You know what i mean. 
  • Creative Domains:  A domain which is different from and looks interesting is great idea and help you to gain more visitors on your blog.  Just imagine there is an exhibition of paintings and lot of painters are  there and a man comes up with an creative and amazing painting , apart from other people will love to see the creative one . Same thing you can apply for your blog , hier a creative domain name . I sure it'll help you a lot. 


Design your blog 

 Okay! You have selected a niche and got a domain name . Now you have to design your blog ,that means select a perfect theme for your blog . There are so many theme available on internet , some are free of coast and some are not . Make sure to apply a good looking template for your blog , this effect your blog really well . When will the visitor come to your website and he get an awesome and cool theme , he'll be impressed and wish to come again on it . 

  • How to select theme  : First you have to open your blogger and tap on theme section as shown in screenshot given below.


As soon you opened  the theme section , you will get so many themes in blogger . Now you have to select one of them and customize it .
It's done move to next step.


 Write first post and promte your blog 

 All set now click on blogger's new post button , a new page will on which you'll get so many tools of writing and design your post .  First of all make sure that do not move from your blog topic . Whichever  topic you are writing try to insert that in blog post . 

  • Try to write simple post : You are a beginner , you should keep it in your mind that your post not be ambiguous .  You've to use simple words in your blog which are easily catchable by visitors . Post should not create any confusion so make sure to stay on your topic . You have to remember that visitors will come on your website by looking at the title so do not wader with your topic.

 Promote your blog  :  After completing the post you have to promote your blog by using different platforms . Social media can do it for you , copy your blog link and share it on social media platforms . You can use Quora for promotion , go there and search question related to your title and answer them . It can enhance your traffic . 

Make money by blogging:  We all are doing it for money . After writing unique and creative article , we have to go for traffic. Whenever ads will start screening on your blog , you'll start earning . 


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