9 Profitable blogging niches to start the blog in 2020.

9 Profitable blogging niches to start the blog in 2020.


To start a blog we should have a topic on which we'll write our thoughts and share on website. If your niche is good then your blog is  definitely going to popular on internet. But , which is the best niche to start a blog ? 

 A niche you are interested in

 Apart from popular blog niches , you should go for that topic in which you're interested.  Every niches on internet has it's audience , you should write about your passion and it'll really work to gain more audience and to grow your blog. 
But don't need only a topic , you also need a
Good theme template, SEO optimization  and enhancement of your site. This will work to make your blog successful. 

Now , take a look on popular blog niches -

1. Guiding Blogs

Guide your audience to help them . If you know about some thing deeply then you can guide other to do that . Everyone is not perfect in beginning so if you have a great knowledge about any kind of work you should help other with your blogs. 
                Let me take an example ; if you are an expert in writing blog articles and audience is want to know that how to write article , then you should answer them . In my opinion this is great blog niche . If you're interested , try it.

2. Technical Blog 

Technical blog is commonly used blog niche. If you're interested in tech world or connected with it , then you must try this blog niches.  The profit of using with his niche  is you can go for affiliate marketing for your tech product.

                    There are many sub- niches in technical blog like Review of products, New launch products and many others. You can also use technical blog as a long term blog niche.

3.Blog about Traveling 

Traveling blogs are one the most famous blog topic you can find on internet. This kind of blog can help you to gain traffic at high level . Nowadays traveling become easy because of low rate of tickets , everyone wants to enjoy by traveling outside. 

                   A travel blogger tell you about good destination , travel tips and advise . If you like to travel then i will recommend you to create a Travel Blogs.


Politics is a field where everyday we hear about a new  controversy. Political blogs provides us the news , ideas , decision made by government and other controversy usually happens . 

If you're interested in politics or you can provide information with your own review then you should create a political blog . It has a large audience and people love to read it .  So don't waste your time do it now. 

5. Food Blogs 

Food blogs are one of the most famous type of blogs on internet . People who love to read food recipes  and healthy foods can be your audience . Food blogs have a huge audience and these type of blog can rank easily .

If you are a shef or know about foods then you should share your experience on internet through your blog . Audience of food blog have different types some people like to read food after gym , foods during pregnancy and many other. Create a blog and start earning money .

6.Fashion Blog 

As the time is changing we want something new and  creative in our life . If you are a fashion expert and can tell people that how should they dress , their looks .  What's right wearing for you blah blah blah ! These all things comes under a fashion blog .

 So if you can tell peoples about new looks , new changes in fashion world or you can provide a way that can help to improve there looks  then you must start a Fashion Blog as soon as possible . 

7.Love Life Blog 

Nowadays everyone want a good partner for him/her and  want to spend time with their special one. Do you have experience of relationship then you must guide others by your blogs.

By your blog you can guide other  that how to maintain a relationship , how to move on after break-up . This type of blogs have a huge traffic specially the youths . 

 8. News Blogs 

This is brilliant blog idea because there is always something new in this . You've to keep updated yourself with the world. 

This type of blog give you opportunity to share information with your audience and share your opinion on it. 
These are some topics for news blog: 
  • Health : what's new in foods.
  • Politics: you can find every day something new here .
  • Sports:  News from various sports .
  • Education:  you can share  information from education department with opinion. 

9.  Review of Products

This type of blog idea can help you by two ways :
  • You can share helpful information with your audience.
  • Side earning by affiliate marketing.

You can earn by commission for product promotion . It has known as Affiliate marketing . But before sharing review always remember - 

In case of product review you have to add your own experience with that product and to share it honestly with the audience. So that they can happily buy that product.

- These are some blog ideas to start a blog . These type of blogs actually generates high traffic in your initial days of blogging.

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